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Why Analytics Plus?

Analytics Plus is business intelligence and IT analytics software that simplifies data analysis and enables IT teams to transform IT data into money-making decisions.

Out-of-the-box IT analytics

Integrate Analytics Plus with all your IT applications, and gain instant insight with over 500 industry-acclaimed reports and dashboards covering service delivery, IT operations, endpoint security, and project management.

AI-enabled analytics

No more writing SQL queries. No more drag-and-drop reporting. Zia, Analytics Plus' conversational AI-assistant, can create stunning visuals based on voice and text commands. Zia can also summarize reports and provide quick insights with minimal human interaction.

Scenario planning

Go beyond forecasting the future. Create hypothetical scenarios to assess the impact of leading and lagging factors on your IT, and prepare to tackle any situation and achieve desired results using what-if analysis.

Database connectivity

Connect to data from any source: files, feeds, spreadsheets, local or cloud databases, cloud drives, web feeds, homegrown applications, IT applications, business applications, and more. Use automatic data analysis logic to create instant reports.

Data blending

Unify data from multiple sources or IT applications using data blending, and create unified IT management dashboards for enterprise services, operations, and project management. Data blending for popular IT applications is achieved through AI-assisted relational data modelling.

Secure sharing and collaboration

Experience real-time collaboration with peers using in-line report comments. Create alerts and notify the entire team when critical metrics breach predefined thresholds. Schedule emails, create slideshows, and embed reports in intranet portals using Analytics Plus.

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